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Are you considered a vampire?
Who out there is one of them...?

1. What type of weather do you like?
A warm, sunny day
Nice and cloudy
Dark, but a bit of sunlight
2. Did you ever think blood would taste good?
EEWW!!! Gross!
3. Did any of your unusual friends ever bite you in the neck?
Yes, but not through the skin deeply
4. Is there any color to your face?
A little
I`m as pale as a ghost
Golden tan
5. Are you afraid of the dark?
Did i hear something? (yes)
Your so chicken (no)
Yes, but only when i start to hear something creepy
6. Did your friends ever tell you if your eyes ever change colors?
ALL the time!
Never, who ever heard of color changing eyes?!
Well, they do look at me odd once in a while...
7. When you cut yourself, how quick do you heal?
That very day
About a week
The first second i look at the wound
8. Does your throat burn when you look at a person`s neck?
It hurts so much! (yes)
No, I feel fine
A bit of a tingling feeling
9. Does your diet of food mostly contain redmeat?
Yes, and i love it so much!
I eat it, but not constantly
No. I`m on a meat-free diet
10. Will you rate and comment? (won`t affect outcome)
Yes, cool quiz!
No, thanks
I guess it wouldn`t hurt

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Created on:12/2/2008 9:30:14 PM
Made by:Mistheart

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