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How confident are you?
Test your confidence level

1. You see a guy/girl you like at a party, you:
Go over to him/her immdiately, start flirting.
You take a few friends with you, and start chatting in a big conversation with him/her.
You probably wouldn`t be at the party anyway, but he/she wouldn`t want to talk to you anyway.
2. You have quite a big spot/pimple right on the end of your nose, you:
Oh well, the rest of your gorgeous face draws attention away from it
hmm, dab a bit of concealer on it, its not THAT noticeable.
oh god, oh god, everyone will be staring at it all day. Maybe i`ll keep my head down all day.
3. You see a cute outfit in the window of a shop, you:
Immdiately presume it will look great on you, rush in and purchase it
Try it on, assess how good you look, the buy it
Oh, it won`t look good on me, that wouldn`t suit my figure...
4. How would you describe your hair?
Absolutely gorgeous, frames my gorgeous face
Well, I have good and bad hair days
Oh, well I use it to cover my face with
5. Your crush asks you out!!! you:
Accept immdiately :D
Asess whether you like him, then accept :)
It must be a joke, he wouldn`t ask ME out
6. Your school are putting on a big play. You:
Assume you`ll get the main part, boast to everyone
Audition and see which part you are given
Oh, I`m not good enough for a role. I might do somethin back stage??

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Created on:7/18/2009 3:21:46 PM
Made by:mchelen

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