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Are you conceited?
Don't lie to yourself! You may end up being really conceited!

1. How much time do you spend in front of the mirror in the bathroom in the morning?
An hour or more
A half hour to an hour
Twenty minutes to a half hour
Ten-twenty minutes
five-ten minutes
Less than five minutes
I don`t have a mirror and hate looking at myself
I have a mirror???
2. How do you dress?
I have to wear the latest fashion!
I don`t care
Something nice and normal like jeans and a tee
All my clothes don`t match
I go with the flow!
3. How thoughtful are you towards others?
I`m as nice as I can be towards people
When I ever get the chance, I always run over to help!
There`s other people?
I try, but not too hard.
4. Which color do you like the best?
All bright colors
Any popular color
5. Pick one.
Whatever with this quiz.
cool things
Being nice
6. What would you rather do?
Go to the mall with friends
Go to a dark movie theater
Stay at home comfortably watching T.V.
7. Which would you do?
Be a doctor
Be a model or fashion designer
Anything that doesn`t involve looking good.
Working at a place that wears a uniform

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Created on:3/20/2008 5:48:10 PM
Made by:crazycoocoo

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