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The completely just pulled it outta you-know-where quiz
title says it all (e)

1. So, how ya been?
yo dawg i`m aight `sal kewl
did you know that before work today i picked my toenails and found my lasagna from last week. yumm
duct tape is silver *evil laughter*
2. what`s your fav animal
3. so what do you think about life?
ummmmmm i like chocolate milk and potatoes. potatoes smell... like flowers
dollies are funny
4. any last words?
did you know i make and sell peanut butter made from the lint in my bely button did i say that aloud
shun the non believers shuuuuuunnnnnn.... shuuuuuuuun
plz buy my product i`ve been trying to sell it 4 3 years and it just frightens little children
silence may be golden and it can stay that way 4 all i care but duct tape is silver SILVER mwah hah

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Times Taken:1,381
Created on:6/23/2007 11:22:38 PM
Made by:briandchey07

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