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The Comparable  Magic  Real or Fiction  quiz. I believe in magic  But do you  I will prove all of you that magic isn t irrational after all  To all atheists  do not be offended at all  this is just my belief  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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The Comparable- Magic, Real or Fiction?
I believe in magic. But do you, I will prove all of you that magic isn't irrational after all. To all atheists, do not be offended at all, this is just my belief.

1. I believe in The One God. I believe that The One God created Men, Elves, Dwarves and more.
2. I believe that God gave us an aura. The aura is a magical field that holds your spirit. I believe that you can only see the aura with your Third Eye.
3. With belief and knowledge of it`s power and with the deep thought you avail your magic, and of course I believe the maic comes from the aura, which from God.
4. Then you start using arcane magic, which is the start of your first magic. Then you do magic.
5. Well this is my concept of magic, there are wiccans and pagans too. There are other people who view it differently, do you think it`s real?Write it down in the commenting section please :)

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Created on:7/8/2010 2:41:12 AM
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