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 What breed of Cat are You  quiz. Your personality is like a certain cat breed  You may not think it but each cat breed has a very different personality Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What breed of Cat are You?
Your personality is like a certain cat breed. You may not think it but each cat breed has a very different personality!

1. Describe your personality?
Independant, kind of lazy!
Lively, really sociable and entertaining
Antention seeking and good fun
Gentle and easy going
Good with little kids but I am quiet.
Really laid back!
Outgoing. I am laid back and I love people
Active, agile and sensitive
Nimble, laid back, quiet and very affectionate.
Eager to please, nervous and loyal
2. There is a thunderstorm! What do you do?
Sleep! What else is there to do?
Take a picture of the lightening and text it to my friends.
Surf the internet or something?
Call my friends and have a chat.
Have fun on the Wii!
I would like some quiet time. I go up to my room
Play with my younger siblings
I`m not scared of the lightening! I watch TV and forget about it.
Draw or paint.
Revise for the maths test. It`s pretty easy!
3. Your favourite colour?
Dark blue
Gentle colour like baby blue!
Yellow! The beautiful sun is yellow!
I have more important things to worry about than colours! Let me revise!
4. How are you around others?
Lazy but friendly enough
Really sociable, I love socialising!
Confident but gentle
Really happy! I love people!
Quiet but affectionate. Very affectionate!
They`re OK. They can do my head in though!
I like people.
I am OK with some people. I prefer younger children though
Quiet and thoughtful
Kind of quiet but I love to make people happy!
5. Finally, if you were a cat, what would your favourite food be?
Anything really
I would eat anything if my friends told me to!
Nothing disgusting. Pretty tinned cat food would be nice!
Leftovers from my owners plate!
Normal cat food?
`Whiskers` food?
I would share some food with my owner!
Fish. Fish is good for your brain (and it`s tasty)!
Meh. Don`t mind. Cat food will do
Preferably `Felix` cat food but I don`t mind!

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