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What colour are you?
A quick quiz to see which colour suits your personality.

1. Your friend is very upset, and crying about her boyfriend, you:
Cry with her, if she is upset, you are too.
Don`t listen to her, instead help her plan her revenge on her boyfriend
Unsure of what to say, you don`t want to upset her more by saying the wrong thing
Tell her there are plenty more fish in the sea
Tell her bluntly what a bad boyfriend he was, and to stop crying
2. At school you have a project to do, you:
Consider how to make the project the best you can, you are happy at having something to do
Do the project very quickly, rashly deciding what to do it on, regret it later.
You get out a crate of books from the library, lock yourself in your room, and read on the subject
Sunnily get on with the task, strive to prove to people you can do it well.
Struggle to concentrate on the task, want to be doing something active, outside.
3. Your favourite activity:
Being peaceful, chatting to your friends.
Tidying, making sure everythings in order
Being alone, reading or working
Playing chess
Anything active or sporty
4. You like to dress:
Something pretty, but you have to feel comfortable
Nothing showy, something simple
Anything, it doesn`t matter that much
Professionaly and simply, large accesories.
Anything easy to move around in
5. Your favourite book would be:
Something with a happy ending
Something that makes sense
Catcher in the Rye
How to succeed in life
No time for reading
6. Your family are important to you:
Very, I love them a lot
Yes, but only my very close family who understand me
Umm, well they don`t get me and they think i`m moody
Only one or two members who don`t get in my way
Yes, especially my siblings and cousins

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Created on:7/17/2009 12:59:01 PM
Made by:mchelen

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