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What colour are your angel wings?
Take this quiz to find out.

1. How would you describe your attidude towards trying new things?
I will try anything new - besides you can only live life once!
It depends on what I`m trying - but most things I will try.
I don`t want to try anything - I`m too scared!
2. What type of weather is your favourite?
Sunny days - the sun is HAPPY!
I just like normal weather, not too hot or too cold, just right
I like hot and humid weather - it sort of describes my attidude towards things
I like thunderstorms, lightening and rain - it`s so beautiful
3. Do you like nature?
Yes I do - What would we do without it?
I do - but it`s not my favourite thing
I respect nature - but I don`t like it
4. What colour do you wish your eyes would be?
I would love to have clear blue eyes
I`m fine with what colour eyes I have
Something myseterious.... red, white or black
5. Finally, do you like pets?
I love pets! They are so cute!
I respect pets - but I don`t love them
No - I don`t like them or I`m illergic.

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Created on:2/8/2009 5:53:21 PM
Made by:Clara2340

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