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What color are you(girls only)
find out which color girl are you

1. your fave type of gift
teddybears or roses
i dont know something nice
a diamond necklace!(me:wow!)
(blush..) (me:comeon dont be shy!)
nothing its just the thought that counts
dark makeup or a ticket to a scary bands type concert
2. what is good about your life
my friends
beautiful dresses and guys starring at me
*blush* (me: oh comeon)
hel[ping people in need
nothing i hate my life (me:ok!)
3. your type of a guy
a hot guy on a bike
*blushing extreamly* (me:girl stop that)
a nice kind person
a gothic hottie
a prince charming sweeping me off my feet
i dont know he must be cute sweet and kind thats all
4. fave animals
*blush* (me:dont make me angry)
a horse
snake and other insects
a cute sweet kitten
a loyal dog
horse a hot horse that is(me:that is the first time i heard about a hot horse!)
5. in a scale of one to ten how many friends you have
3 to 4 good friends
none i hate friends!(me:ok!you are wierd)
i have and we are best of buds!
3to6 very good and loyal friends
i am popular people ait in lines just to talk to me!
*blush* i dont have any because i`m shy(me:awww i`ll be your friend!)
6. fave book
some sad and poetry books (me:girl get a psycatrist)
beautiful books and poems happy novels of any writer
any good book
a fashion magzine
i dont read much
a good book about health and enviorment
7. fave food
stawberry icecream
choclate cake
salads i`m on a diet
i`ll eat anything
i dont care about food i wish i was a vampire so i can drink blood(me: you have issues!)
8. plz rate and comment

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Created on:8/23/2009 12:12:43 PM
Made by:Gunjan

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