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What color Yoshi are you?
What color of this lovable dinosaur are you?

1. On a Friday night, you would most likely be...
Playing video games at home!
At a club or party with my friends!
Reading a book in my room!
Hanging out at the mall with my friends!
2. Which setting sounds the best to you?
A meadow, surrounded by flowers and plenty of clouds to watch!
A volcano, with tons of heat and the suspense of waiting for it to erupt!
The beach, listening to the waves and building sand castles!
I would rather be in an arcade or at the movies!
3. You just failed a major test! You react how?
Promise to study more and start making study notes this instant!
Blow up and yell, possibly punching a person or two in the process!
Beg the teacher for a retake. This can`t be happening to you!
Blow it off and go do something fun. There`s always the next test!
4. What sport appeals to you most (out of these)?
Something in nature, like skiing or horseback riding!
Something aggressive, like football or hockey!
Something calm, like bowling or chess (yes, it`s a sport...maybe)!
Something that gets you moving, like soccer or gymnastics!
5. You`re allowed to pick a new case for your (Ipod/phone/Mp3/computer...whatever)! You choose the one...
With oranges and cherries and soothing colours!
With skulls and tigers and bold colours!
With a nice pattern, like stripes or polka dots, and calming colours!
With rainbows and kitties and happy colours!
6. Finally...One word to describe you is...?

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