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What color should your hair be?
What color should your hair be? Blonde or brunette? Black or red? (e)

1. What is your current hair color?
brown (not brunette, though!)
red (like the real natural red!)
brunette (aka REALLY dark brown)
one of the colors of the rainbow (that DOESN`T include real natural red!!!!)
2. What is your favorite animal?
sea mammal that ISN`T a fish!
sea animal that IS a fish!
3. Are you a big sports fan?
I just like to watch
I`m the one playing!
I`m the cheerleader
4. Do you consider yourself someone who blends in with the crowd or stands out?
blend in with the crowd
stand out from the crowd
it`s hard to tell sometimes...
5. What is your intake on Miley Cyrus?
I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is the best!!!!!!!!!
Never heard of her
6. In my Dog vs. Cat quiz, which outcome were you?
I didn`t take the quiz (You should take it!!!!!!! plz!!!!!!!!)
7. Do people think of you as popular?
I have a lot of friends, but I`m not "popular"
8. Do you like Avril Lavigne?
she rox!!!!!!!!
not really
never heard of her (take my Avril Lavigne Quiz then!!!!!!!!)
9. What did you think of this quiz? (This will not affect your outcomes!!!)
it was okay...
I hated it!!!!!!!!!!!
it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

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Created on:1/24/2008 8:01:39 PM
Made by:amstaffie

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