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What Color Are You?
the title says it all?

1. What catch phrase matches you most?
" OMG! I just got a credit card cut on my finger!"
" Get out of my way I have somewhere to go!"
" Ummm...why?"
"You gotta fight! For your right! To PAR-TAAAY!"
" Excuse me! Um...hello?"
"Wait what?! How did that happen? Hold on I don`t get it!"
" The clock kills at the lightest hour."
2. Favorite hobbies/activities?
Writing poetry or something deep in thought
Doing work. I dont have time for fun!
Watching TV. Too bad Im too lazy to reach the remote
Shopping! I like totally love it!
Making fun of non popular people! Dont forget spreading gossip!
Reading or playing cards. Something simple and quiet.
Laughing, talking, parting, and dancing!
3. Fav drink?
Water. Maybe some lemon spritzer if im felling crazy
Sweet tea of lemonade
Martini or some fun drink!
Frappichino (sp?) or Latee (sp?)
Non sour or sugary juice
Milkshakes or pina coladas (me: yumm)
Coffee, soda, or something caffinated
Red bull or Vault
4. You get invited to a party so you ______________
Plan out a skimpy outfit that the boyz will L-O-V-E!
Dont go and dont reply saying your not going
Start planning your clothes to wear and make a list of music to bring!
Meh i might go but it might be too loud
Ummm....like what kind of party? Ooh! Where there be pancakes?!
Hm? Party? Yeah right i would never want to go cause id...have to leave...the house and stuff
Check your schedule and see if your free that day
Start a rumor how you saw the host peeing in the parcking lot
5. People are often jelous of my_______________
Glamor and money i have!
Cunning and quiet character
Outgoing sense of humor
Peaceful ability to sing
Ability to malti task
Looks and personality
Spicy attitude!
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