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Which color are you?
Red, orange, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, silver, black or rainbow?

1. Hello mortal. Are you ready for this quiz?
No, I`m not. Of course I am, Dummy!!! XP
Wait... Is this a trick question? I`m confused!!!
You: Start the stupid quiz! Me: -_-
Sure, lets go!
2. What sounds the best to you?
A sword.
Hanging out with a "Silver" type.
Hanging out with a "Orange" type
Learning a new skillz
Swimming, anyone?
Chillin with your pack
plotting revenge on someone >:)
Going NUTZ!!!
You: I hate all these Me: Screw you, ya id!
I like all the choices (Besides that last one :P)
3. Which one of these sound the worst?
Someone hating on your crush
Someone insulting your attire (You: *Sniff* I take pride in my fashion sence! Me: >;l
A teacher calling you up to the front of the class to do a problem you have to idea how to solve
A bright, sunny day. Almost too perfect... >:l
A rainy day. ruining your chances of going to the beach with your BFFLs
A huge argument between you and the person closest to you
Someone pretending to be someone their not. I mean, really.
4. Which sounds closest to your motto?
Be happy, be healthy, be warm, be wealthy
Peace, love and tacos!!! :)
Loyalty to the death, fight `till the last breath, defend what is right, roam during night
Cave Canem
Do what you do best, and the rest, and the rest. (I meant to put that twice)
You: I don`t have a motto. Me: Well then get one! Sheesh... >:P
5. Have you enjoyed this quiz so far?
You: No, it sux Me: >:l
Loved it!!! Enjoyed every minute!!!
Its ok, I guess.
You: Love you, love your quizzes!!! Me: Um, ok...
Me: Just so you know, I don`t expect anyone to pick the one above You: Yeah, No ones gonna pick dat
Me: well, yur rude (Don`t pick this one.)
6. Did you lie at any point during this quiz?
No! *Is shocked and offended*
Yeah, once, but its no big deal, right?
Nope! *Is proud*
Yeah, I lied on all of them Of course I didn`t dummy! Why would I?
*Ignores question*
*Is too buisy flirting with crush*
7. Is this quiz too short? (Will not effect score... Maybe...) >:)
Yeah make it longer
Nah its a fine length
Shorter, plz
8. Which best describes you?
I am a NINJA! Hoooyyaaa!!!
I am a pirate! ARRRR!!!
I`m a movie star!!! Look at my nice, golden Emmy award!!!
I am a BEAST!!! GROWLLLL!!! *Howls at the moon*
Ima BE Ima BE Ima Ima Ima BE *Raps*
I`m the sun, giving sunshine to all!!!
I`m a greek god/godess *Uses feirce powers of lighting upon you*
9. Someone insults you. What do you do?
Turn werewolf on them and sic thy mighty wrath upon their worthless, pathetic hide. Cause ya can.
Ask them why they did that and offer to talk about their feelings.
Send them hate mail.
Know inside that they only did it because they feel bad about themselves.
Fight them, even though you have no ultimate powers of werewolfness.
10. Will you rate, commment or PM me?
No. You`re a looser. Me: Meanie >:l
Sure all three
Rate and PM
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Created on:10/25/2010 7:58:21 AM
Made by:KressLuv

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