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Which Color Are You?
Which color describes you, how colorful is your personality?

1. It`s Morning...Seems bright enough to go outside...but it`s the middle of winter...you do...
Stay in bed, it`s a weekend
There`s a risk of rain, i`d rather not...
Snow makes everyone happy! Let`s grab our sleds!
I could seriously care less
2. You`re offered an invitation to a fancy party...it`s on a weekday after school...tests are coming up....
Screw that, I hate parties!
Might be fun, I`ll give it a try!
Sure, I`d love to, I can`t stay out to late though!
Er, will there be a lot of people?
I`m sorry, but my tests are coming up, i need to study.
3. Night...it makes you feel....
Lonely and dark...at home.
Scary, night hunts me.
Peace. It helps me regain energy, so i`m ready for a new day!
My favorite time of day.
4. What makes you happy?
My friends, they always make me smile
Being around people, I hate being alone
Adventure, Im ready for anything!
Being by myself, "nothing" makes me happy
*Yawns* sleep...
5. Life, how`d you like to carry on...?
Life is magic, it`s a special thing everyone deserves!
Loneliness, that`s all i feel.
...Must end
Firey, and bursting with color!
We need, that`s all life tells us...
I want to carry on smiling, with everyone, i know i can.
6. What`s it like to fall in love?
It`s....hard to explain
It feels wonderful, like your feet have been lifted
It`s something i need, something I crave for, I want,
Fluttery and beautiful. It makes me blush, and feel very warm inside.
7. Feeling are....
full of life
They are what they are
8. Will you get mad with your results, even if they are bad...?
It depends
Waste of time
Of course not
Why would I be? It`s just a quiz
9. Did you like this quiz? Will you rate and comment?
Yes and No
No and Yes
Yes and Yes
No and No
10. Bye bye! (will not effect)
Bye bye!!
Go to hell...

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Created on:11/9/2008 12:38:20 PM
Made by:nejiino4ever

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