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What color are you?
this is my first quiz like this so go easy on me.

1. Which color apeals to you the most?
bright colors... attention grabbing and fun bold and in your face.
Soft colors, easy and calming. soothing relaxing and quiet
Happy colors, fun colors of all kinds. The kind of colors that you cant help but love
Deep logical colors, dark tones to reflect a sense of analytical thinking
2. At a party you are:
Rocking out! head banging in the middle of the dance floor. TURN IT UP!!!!!!!!!
Suggesting songs and dancing trying to get rid of the head bangers.... me and all my friends
Lughing talking with a group of friends... maybe dancing every now and then just having fun
Sitting at the back, watching every one, analyzing them figuring how they interact with one another.
3. Your standing at the edge of a cliff.. the water looks to be deep enough... but maybe not... what do you do?
Take a running start! Jump with out thinking about it too hard.. THIS ROCKS!
Stand at the edge... look down and think about the good and bad that can come from this...
you might jump youl do it if your friends do, you change your mind in the middle of the jump...
Grab all of my friends by the hand and we all jump at the same time screaming the whole way down
4. For the next couple questions please pick which word apeals to you the very most
Wild, Crazy
Loving Compassionate
Logical, analytical
happy, fun
5. which word(s) appeals to you the most
thoughtful, kind, caring
bright cheerful loved
impulive, daring, thrilling
smart, knowledgable
6. (Sorry its so short and i hate this question but it doesn slightly affect you out come) Will you rate or comment? (please comment so i know how to make the next one better....
No way i dont have time im gonna jump of a cliff! (me: can i come?)
of course i would love to help you ^_^
Only for the sake of logic.. and so your quiz isnt this crappy next time
no im going to a party, i dont have time
sure this one and the next one dont effect...

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Created on:10/18/2008 12:55:18 PM
Made by:emoxgirlx11

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