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what color nerds candy r u??
my 1st quiz.=3

1. how many times do u use the bathroom a day?
y do u wanna know??
5 times 2 put on makeup.
when dressing scary...1 time.
only outside!!! =3(me:eeewww...)
2. do u like.....halloween?
OMFG!!!!!ya i do!!!!!
i like it...but not insanely.
ewwww...halloween sucks!!(me:F*** YOU!!!!)
as long as its short
yesh cuz it has stuff 2 do with plants.
3. ur favorite color?
greeennn!!!!(me:O_O okaaay....)
yellow like pee.(me:eeewww.)
PINK!!!!!!!!(me:im scared mommy!!)
red like blood....(me:kooool...)
orange like tobis mask!!!!(me:what made u bring that up??)
4. favotite phrase?
i LOVE nature!!!!!(me:tree hugga!!!)
i gossa go!!(me:go where??)potty!!!
flowers,bunnies everything fluffy!!!(me:O_O)
mmm...blood(me:u took the words outa my mouth!!)
5. srry it was short but will u rate or comment?will not affect results.
rate. =3
i guess ill comment.
none u peice of S***!!!!!(me:u MEANIE!!!!![huddles in corner])

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Created on:12/11/2008 3:31:31 PM
Made by:ulquiorra96

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