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What color lip gloss are you???
Have you ever wondered??? Plz rate and comment!!! :P

1. How would your friends best describe you???
Really kind and caring. A good listener.
Wild and crazy. A risk taker.
Unique and original. I am my own person.
Sweet and funny. :P
2. What do you like the most out of these???
Shopping!!! Im always starting new trends.
Reading or watching a classic movie.
Sports!!! I love getting active.
Talking with buds. We are always there for eachother.
3. What is the electronic you cant live without???
None of them. I dont need electronics to keep me busy.
My ipod. I dont know what I would do without music!!!
My computer. It can do almost everything!!!
My camera or cell phone. I love taking funny pics and texting my friends!!!
4. How do you act when you are around your crush???
I flirt with him!!! What else???
I am a true romantic so I wait to be swept off my feet.
I act like he is my guy friend. I would get nervous otherwise!!!
I look into his eyes, laugh, and have a simple conversation.
5. If you met your favorite singer, what would you do???
I would be myself and stay calm. They are just a normal person that will accept me for who I am.
I would be speechless and maybe even feint.
I would ask for an autograph or a picture with them. The usual.
I would scream my head off!!!
6. What is the cause you would most likely voulenteer for???
Animal abuse. Its so sad how those poor little animals are treated!!!
Poverty. It is just so terrible.
Global Warming. Our enviroment is a beautiful and precious thing.
All of them!!! They are all equally as terrible!!!
7. Will you rate /comment??? (wont affect outcome)
Depends on my result...

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Created on:7/9/2008 9:07:15 PM
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