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what color is our soul?
the title says it all

1. **IMPORTANT** do you think you have a soal?????
yes of corse evryone does
im not sure... i mean maby...?
HA thats funny ou idot of corse i dont!!
yes i do!! the world is so nice and wonderfull!! (me: <.<)
2. whats our favorite color? (effect a little)
3. you see a kid crying on the street you go over to see whats rong he flipped over his handle bars and has a concushion what do you do?
say "this sh.it happenes kid" and walk away
help him up and carry him to the neerest hospital
lay him b a tree and call his parents theyll know what to do
pretend you dont see him and walk away
kick dirt in his face >=D
4. you find out the next day the kid broke both of his arm and sprined his leg and is in the hospital his parents want to rewaed you and give you $100.00 how do you spend it?
crap i dont need XD
nothing i politly declined
a tree and flowers!
OOH OOH OOH! a few new outfits sunglasses shows... (rambles on for howers)
i buy a few things for myself and then i donate the rest
i save it for cologe
5. you see a little girl and she is alone on a swing set she looks sad and lonly what do you do?
walk over and say i know how you feel
say aww and walk over and talk to her
tell her some jokes to make her feel better
6. you walk over and see that she has scars on her face and blood stains on her white shirt what do you do?
ask her who did this to her
ask her what happened
smack her
7. she stands up and runs what do you do?
catch up and ask her again
do nothing
sit down and think "ooh well"
8. you are walking home and you see the girl again sitting on the kirb what do you do?
plop down next to her and say "so we meet again"
sit down and ask her again what happened
kick her
9. the girl starts to cry and you panic what do you do?
say "umm its ok?"
walk away
10. sudenly she hugs you tightly what do you do?
sit there dumb founded
hug back
run away
11. she finally stops crying and you ask softly what was rong she tells you that her parents bret her
gasp and call child serveces
tell her i know your pain
12. a few days later you find out she is in the local orfanige and that your mother is thinking of adopting her
cool iv alwase wanted a sis
13. rate comment? (does not effect)
14. last queshtion did you like it? (doesent effect)
yea it was great!
not really...
it was okay...i guss
15. ok i lied (sorry) you see a girl drop her icecreem what do you do?
pick it up and throw it at her
bye her a new cone
tell her sorry
think "that looks good..."

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Created on:4/28/2009 4:43:21 PM
Made by:kikiofolower

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