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What color is your Dying Will flame  quiz. Based on Kateikyo Hitman Reborn   What rings and flames are right for you and what does that say about you Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What color is your Dying Will flame?
Based on Kateikyo Hitman Reborn. What rings and flames are right for you and what does that say about you?

1. Let`s start this off right. How are you feeling today?
I`m feeling great!
I`m fine.
Terrible. Today sucked.
Can we get to intelligent questions, please?
2. Then on to the tougher ones. How easy-going would you say you are?
I`m easy-going, just not a doormat.
About some things. About others, don`t mess with me.
It`s my way or the highway.
3. What kind of people do you really not like?
Arrogant people who think they`re better than everyone.
Morons who are always getting in everyone`s way.
Hypocrites who like to label others.
Cowards who won`t stand up for their friends.
4. What would you do if someone threatened your friend?
I`d stand up for my friend.
I`d beat the other guy into next week.
I`d let my friend handle it. If he can`t, maybe I`ll step in, but he`s not a little kid.
I`d stand there and laugh.
5. What about if your loved one was late, you called them and they claimed to be working late, but you could hear loud club music behind them?
They`re going to pay when they get home! Lying like that!
They`re probably having an affair. I`d freak out.
I`d go find them at the club and throw down.
I`d be a little ticked, but we`d just talk about it when they got home.
They probably had to go to the club with their boss, part of that big job. It`s no big deal.
6. What`s your style in an argument?
I let things go for a while and listen. But I won`t put up with stuff forever.
If someone yells at me, I flare up right back.
I`m in your face and in it to win it.
I`m manipulative and unkind, and nobody ever wants to fight with me twice.
I don`t get in arguments. I don`t have to.
I might not even notice.
7. How many close friends do you have?
One or two.
Three or four.
More than five.
More than seven.
8. Are you picky about your food?
Just shove it in my mouth.
There`s one or two things I don`t like.
I can be picky. I don`t like some foods and others need to be done a certain way.
I know precisely what food I want and how I want it done.
9. What if someone`s telling you what to do?
If it`s like, my Mom or someone who takes care of me and is nice about it.
There are very few people I`ll take orders from. They earned it.
I don`t take orders, but I might do what I`m asked if I feel like it.
I won`t take orders. If I ever do what they told me, I`ll make sure they know it`s my choice.
I`m okay with being told what to do. Some people know more than me.
I actually like to not have to worry about being in charge.
10. So, let`s assume you are a member of a KHR-style `family.` What is your preferred role in the group?
I`m the Boss.
I`m the right-hand man (or woman).
I`m an instructor, cook, or technician.
I`m someone`s wife or girlfriend.
I`m a hitman. Old school style.
I handle top secret affairs only.
I`m not part of a family, thank you.
11. Someone else drops out, and you`re asked to do something you`re really not qualified to do. You...
Freak out. I`d be so embarrassed if I let everyone down. I`d never forgive myself.
Find someone who knows a lot about this job and get some hard training.
Find someone who knows a lot about this job and get them to do it.
Pssh. I`m qualified for any job.
Research on my own so I can impress everyone.
Just tackle it!
12. Babies are...
Cool, if they`re quiet.
Awesome! They`re so cute, especially their little noses and hands...
13. Lovers are...
Something I wish I had.
People you can have a good time with and not worry.
The most important thing in my life.
Easy to come by.
My possessions.
14. Stereotypes are...
Based on fact.
15. Killing is...
A last resort.
Sometimes necessary.
The outcome of a battle.
Never right.
Not that big a deal.
16. How far would you go for someone you love?
I`d die for them.
I`d kill for them.
I`d feed, clothe and care for them.
I`d see that they were okay, but not in a clingy way.
I don`t really know.
17. Do people tend to follow your lead?
Sometimes. I wish they did it more.
Sometimes. I don`t really care.
All the time. I`m good at taking charge.
Never. I`m not that good a leader.
If I want them to, they will.
They say I inspire them.
18. Finally, do you have a temper?
Not really.
I`m easy to annoy, but it`s hard to make me lose it.
I`m easy to annoy and I also lose it easily.
You do not want to push me about some things.
You wouldn`t like me angry.

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