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What Color is Your Aura  quiz. You ll like this quiz  it s almost  fact  The results are  Red  blue  orange  purple grey  black  white  green  brown  indigo  yellow and pink  Have fun  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Color is Your Aura?
You'll like this quiz- it's almost fact. The results are: Red, blue, orange, purple,grey, black, white, green, brown, indigo, yellow and pink. Have fun:)

1. A recent lover of yours has just made eye contact. You see the familar eyes of the one you used to (Or still do) love- What is your reaction?
Stare deeply into their eyes- missing their loving touch.
Watch as their new boy/girlfriend kisses them deeply. This sends a jolt of jealousy inside you.
Stare angrily at them. Mad over what had happened before the breakup.
Smile kindly at them and keep on walking. Were better off friends anyways.
Keep on walking. Their presence not noticed much by you.
Who cares anymore about love, it`s all a waste of time- Too much hurt.
It`s wise just to move on- though I do miss them.
I wish the best for those two- they lo ok happy.
I`m dating someone else- I don`t honestly care. We`re doing better then when my ex and I used to dat
Meh- oh well. I couldn`t care anyless.
2. You walk into class and some B**** decides to crack jokes on you with her friends. Whats your reaction?
.. Do you value your life? Stfu.
Those retards are my friends- they mean no harm.
Keep on walking sheepishly down the aisle blushing a bit.
Take a deep breath- remain stable ._.
Pssh- I don`t care. No one would try that wit me anyways,
Shrug it off, they`ll stop eventually.
Turn around and smile coldly at them. Owning them completely.
Nothing really is felt- If they keep it up then I`ll take actoin.
3. What do you pride yourself on the most?
Your sexuality.
Your courage.
Your friendliness.
Your peacefulness.
Your spiritual nature.
Your wisdom.
Your intuition.
Your love.
Your skeptisim- Saves trouble.
You ability to remain calm
4. Whats your normal reaction when things go wrong?
Fight your way through them (It doesn`t have to meen violence)
Things will turn out okay in the end.
UYour on the verge of yanking your hair out.
Remain stable
Find a way to solve them.
Be emotional.
Fix them and move on.
Oh God not again.
5. What animal do you say best fits you?
Tazmanian Devil
6. Which nickname fits you the most?
Epic Fail
Book Worm
Skitzo (Skitzafrantic)
Wise one
7. Sorry to do this but every quiz has it`s down side. Rate and comment? (Wont effect outcome)
Depends on the results.
No thanks ( SoaB)

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Created on:6/12/2010 2:56:47 PM
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