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What kind of fox are you? (Or not)
The title says it all.

1. Where do you like to be more?
2. The dreaded "What`s your favorite color?" question.
Bright green
Dull green (Jade green or swamp green)
Warm colors (red orange yellow gold)
Cool colors: Silver, green (jade, bright or swamp), blue, purple, and turqouise
The whole rainbow
3. Where is your den?
In a house. And it`s called a room.
In a lush forest (not rainforest)
In the icy tundra of the arctic
In a meadow/desert sort of thing
4. Are you shy?
Yes, slightly
No, I`m social
5. Your best friend has been caught in a trap. What do you do?
That`s impossible. I set the trap myself.
Humans can`t fit in those traps. This question shouldn`t exist.
I try to free her/him asap, using teeth, claws, and other objects.
I have no friends. That wouldn`t happen.
Sacrifice myself when the hunter comes by pretending I`m more beautiful.
Run! There might be more traps!
6. What scientific name do you like best?
Vulpes Vulpes
Urocyon cinereoargenteus
Homo Sapiens
Vulpes Velox
Vulpes Lagopus
7. Which do you hope you are?
I don`t care

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Created on:7/1/2013 10:56:51 AM
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