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What color crayon would you be?
Find out which Crayola color you'd be!

1. Your best friend just gets a new boyfriend/girlfriend who is really hot. Do you...
Wish you had someone that hot
You`s happy for them because they finally found someone
Say, he/she is really cute, and on the inside think, I`d tap that
It`s not your boyfriend/girlfriend so you don`t really say or do much
Say, you two are perfect together! Then flirt with him/her to try to take them away
2. Yay! Your best friend is getting married and she/he wants you to be the best man/bridesmaid. But wait, the dress/tux is bright orange with ruffles...do you...
Just wear the dress/tux without complaint. Hey, it`s not your wedding, right?
Tell them that you hate the dress/tux and demand that you get to choose your own dress/tux
You just decline the offer to be in the wedding and start planning your own wedding instead
Say you love the dress/tux and secretly plan to have them wear something more hideous
Be honored to wear the dress/tux. It`s your best friend and you trust their judgement
3. Your sister just lost a ton of weight. Now you really feel like a cow. What do you do?
Congradulate her on her weight loss, you know how hard it is to lose pounds
Say, yeah, you`re skinny now, but that doesn`t fix the wide space between your eyes
You tell her she worked so hard and it shows, then tell everyone else that she`s bulimic
You say, yeah you look great, and that`s the end of that
Tell her how lucky she is to lose all that weight, then starve yourself to lose more than she did
4. Your best friend started a new job and made a new friend. How do you react?
You say, great! We can all go shopping now.
You tell her to foget about your friendship since she clearly has a new best friend
You tell her that you like her, but there`s just something about her....
You hang out with them, but you also have other friends so this really isn`t a big deal
You tell her that you think she`s great. Then you tell the new friend lies to make her not like her
5. Your boyfriend/girlfriend just broke up with. Now they have a new woman/man. Do you...
Tell his/her new love horrible things so they break up
Tell them how happy you are while plotting ways to break them up
It doesn`t really phase you. He/she moved on, so what?
You actually like his/her new love so you offer to go on double dates
You tell her how great that they`re together, then beg to your ex to take you back

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