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What color are you #2
i know i have done a "what color are you" quiz b4. this one is different.

1. What kind of clothes do u wear?
stuff made from recylced cloth
silver, blue, lots of starfish
something that makes me look nice (as in acting nice)
whatever everyone elts is wearing
something bold and bright
2. what do u wanna be when u grow up?
a park ranger
a fish breeder
a paster for a church
something that makes me feel normal
something different, im not sure, but it will be fun!
3. what is ur fave animal out o these?
i like them all!
4. ah! u feel...
one with nature
one with my inner mermaid
crazy, dude! CRAZY!!
5. ur room is?
covered in animal posters made from recycled paper and there are house plants everywhere
coverd in ocean theamed stuff
my place to get my peace
like any other room
is wacked out! there is wacky stuff and colors everywhere!
6. best part about nature?
all of it!
the smell of the ocean
the warm, peacefull sunshine
the fact that i can run around like a wild woman!!
7. pick one
the color blue

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Created on:8/4/2009 5:40:38 PM
Made by:writerchick

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