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What cloud are you  quiz. It tells you your personality and what your mood is usauly  Please no mean commments and NO copying   someone copyed my lip quiz       Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What cloud are you?
It tells you your personality and what your mood is usauly. Please no mean commments and NO copying, (someone copyed my lip quiz :(!!!)

1. What do your friends say that your mood is?
Well, i`m in any other mood.
In a mix with happy and cranky.
All sorts of moods, kinda confusing
2. What are you`re number one colors? Please don`t kill me!!
Grey, and sometimes yellow
All colors
3. If you could change the sky, what would you change it to?
Clear Sky
A Storm
A little of all!
4. Do you want to change your appericance?
Sometimes I want to
5. Where do you fit in at school?
I don`t go to school, I`m homeschooled.
Well, I`m the weird one. Not a good sign.
I`m populuar.
Boring, and well emo.
6. Will you comment and rate good?

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Created on:6/20/2009 3:45:31 AM
Made by:r0ckhottie

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