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What clothes brand are you  quiz. Are you  Aeropostle American eagle abercrombie and fitch or Hollister  take this quiz and find out   e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What clothes brand are you?
Are you, Aeropostle,American eagle,abercrombie and fitch,or Hollister? take this quiz and find out (e)

1. Summer!! Plans?
2. your boyfriend/girlfriend calls you.
"hey whats up?"
"hi, how are you today?"
3. teacher: 14+12 ?
I`ll try and figure it out on a piece of paper
raise hand "34?"
raise hand"26."
*wake up* wha..huh???
4. You were grounded for?:
flipping off the principal
came home at 12:00am on a school night
punched the janitor (me:why??)
spent $1200 on your moms credit card
getting suspended four times this month
5. Whats your favorite outfit?
spagetti strap shirt with lace and a half jacket and capris
short sleeved top ,jeans, and flip flops
casual tank and jeans
baby doll top and shorts
6. tofu
suuuuuureeeeee. with veggies please
I don`t understand japanese
7. Where would you feel happiest?
forest I guess
in the middle of a blue ocean
city, with lots of people doing lots of things
at school with friends

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Created on:10/20/2007 11:12:59 PM
Made by:kiwiBABY0

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