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How close are you and your best friend  quiz. Think about your best friend  and answer these questions  Based on what you choose  you ll get a result on your close ness   Please Rate and Comment    Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How close are you and your best friend?
Think about your best friend, and answer these questions. Based on what you choose, you'll get a result on your close-ness. (Please Rate and Comment) :]

1. Do you have them on Speed Dial?
Yes! I call him/her 24/7...
She/he`s one of many..
Not yet, it`s not that important. And, I don`t really even call her/him that much...
2. How long have you been friends?
Really long, and constant, like years...
For a while, we hang out a lot...
On and off for a while, few months, a year...
3. How much do you have in common?
Basically everything! But we never run out of anything to talk about.
Not much; but that`s why we`re friends!
4. How many friends do you have?
Like, a million.
Plenty; but we can fight a lot.
He/She`s like the only one I like to hang out with..
5. You`ve just won 2 tickets to six flags. You think of...
Him/her immediately.
Make a list of your most important friends.
I take my cousin - I don`t want anyone to be mad at me.
6. Do you both have the same friends, or do you belong to different groups?
We are our own group!
We both share a few friends
He/she has thier own friends and I have mine.

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