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What "The Clique" Character Are You? (Girls only please.)
Are you Massie,Alicia,Dylan,Kristen, or Kuh-Laire (Claire).

1. You are trying to win a beauty pagent. What would you do to try to win?
Try my very hardest, no matter what happens I`ll be happy.
Cheat and mess up other people`s performaces.
Try to win , and make sure you don`t look fat in your outfit.
Try to look super extra pretty so they will like you.
Try to win by showing off your braniac side and beauty.
2. If you got offered to play as a member in soccer, would you accept?
Ewww no, sweat grosses me out.
OMG NO, that would ruin my hair and my outfit!
If it burns off calories, then yes.
OMG YES! I love all sports.
Sure, why not?
3. What kind of guy do you prefer?
Someone who is a leader of a group and is totally honest.
Someone who is smart and skater/surfer kind of guy
Someone who dosn`t care what I look like, just that they accept who I am.
Someone who is EXTREMLY HAWT!
Someone who is honest and dosn`t care how fat I am.
4. Some girl hugs you to show her appreciation. What do you do?
Push away from me and shout: YOU LBR!
Hug back warmly.
Hug her back. Then stop like in 5 seconds.
Idk. Hug her back I guess.
Who cares.
5. What kind of fashion do you prefer?
Expensive type clothes from designers.
Regular clothes I guess. Maybe like jeans with a t-shirt.
Something very pretty. Makes people notice you.
Something with a stylish hat.
Something sporty. Or sweats.
6. Are you rich?
Yes very very much.
Oh yeah. Like I have like 3 diffrent credit cards.
Psh no.
I used to be.
7. Will you rate and commet on my quiz? (dosn`t affect score)
I will commet but not rate.
I will rate but not commet.

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