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i am...right now i want to pull my hair out

1. dont you hate it when you know your positively right, and the other person swares your wrong???
yes! i want to punch them right now!
nope! usually theyre right anyway.
2. ok, now you siblings, dont you hate it when ur parents blame everything on you and not the other one(s)?
yes! and that happens all the time!
well it usually is my fault! and when i isnt i dont mind
3. and when you`re arguing and the other person is so wrong and you keep telling them how ur right and they`re wrong and they still dont seem to get it, makes me want to kill them... not really but its annoying
happens all the time
4. done being frustrated now, but leave a comment of stuff that tips you off...

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Created on:8/29/2008 5:53:28 PM
Made by:i-like-stuff

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