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Class of 2007
What do you remember about television in 2007? (e)

1. Grandstand ended in January 2007, how long had the programme been on television?
40 years
44 years
49 years
50 years
2. Scrutinisation of which programme in February 2007 started the 2007 British phone in scandal?
Deal or No Deal
This Morning
Richard and Judy
Match of the Day
3. What changed about The Apprentice in March 2007?
Alan Sugar didn`t appear in it
It was broadcast later than usual
it was broadcast on a different channel
It had more contestants than before
4. Which comedy debuted on BBC1 in April 2007?
Jam and Jerusalem
Lead Balloon
Roman`s Empire
5. What was the issue that caused John Sweeney to go mad on Panorama in May 2007?
6. What was the final episode of the third series of Doctor Who broadcast in June 2007?
End of the Time War
Last of the Time Lords
Return of the Daleks
The Sound of Drums
7. Which British comedian and actor died in July 2007?
Ronnie Hazelhurst
Darlene Conley
Deborah Kerr
Mike Reid
8. In August 2007, the BBC celebrated how many years of service in television?
9. Plans for which programme similar to Comic Relief were scrapped in Septemeber 2007?
World Relief
Earth Relief
Global Relief
Planet Relief
10. A town in which English county officially became the first in the UK to start the digital switchover in October 2007?
North Yorkshire
11. Which channel and show celebrated it`s 25th anniversary in November 2007?
BBC1 and Eastenders
BBC1 and Neighbours
ITV1 and The Bill
Channel 4 and Countdown
12. And finally, the last 2 episodes of which series were broadcast on BBC2 in December 2007?

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