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What Class in Oblivion are ou  quiz. What class in Oblivion are you learn what you are good at and not so good at Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Class in Oblivion are ou?
What class in Oblivion are you learn what you are good at and not so good at.

1. If a Dremora shot you with a flare and had almost zero hitpoints left, what would you do?
Dodge the fireball then shoot him whith your bow than close in with a claymore.
Shield yourself with a spell, calm it, than reflect that flare.
Calm him with a spell than go into a hand to hand combat.
Risk it and go right into the fight and crush his skull with a mace.
Shoot him with an enchanted bow and shoot a flare back.
Use your shadow birthsign ability to sneak attack him.
Use your alchemy ability to poison a sword and hit him with it.
2. You find an Oblivion Gate and wish to close it what combat strategy do you use.
Repair all weapons and armor and engage the deadra to their land!
Get your bow ready and attempt to sneak arround anything threatening...
Protect yourself with multiple spells and enchantments and blast the deadra.
3. You are not in combat but need to heal what do you do.
Be lazy and wait one hour and let nature do the rest.
Be thankful your magickal and heal yourself to one hundred percent.
Use a mortat and pestle to create some potions then use them.
4. There is a new weapon in a shop and you want it, what`s your strategy.
Persuade the seller of it than use your mecantile skill to get it cheaper.
Steal it, short and simple.
Start a hold up and take it from him.
Charm him into giving it to you.
5. You see a child getting attacked in a dungeon will you save him?
Sneak around the monster and shoot it.
You are noble you kill the monster and lead the child to his home.
Go right in and cut the attacker in half.
Attack the monster with a flare.
Leave the child to his fate.
6. You need to complete a quest but someone doesn`t trust you and you can`t bribe them.
Charm him to trust you.
Threaten them.
Persuade them to like you.

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