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Which Clan are you in?
Which warrior clan do you belong in? ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, SkyClan, Tribe of Rushing Water, BloodClan, Kittypet, Rogue, or Loner?

1. You see a kit mewling desperately in the middle of your territory, and you don`t know where it came from!! What do u do?
Smell to see where it came from, and bring it back to camp.
Leave it; it shouldn`t have been there in the first place!
Chase it off your territory! It WAS tresspassing!!
Pick it up, and find its mother by yourself without permission.
2. You are collecting marigold for the clan`s medicine cat, and the place where it`s supposed to grow is bare!! Nothing there!!! You should:
Go back to camp, and tell the med. cat.
Go to another clan`s terriotry, and steal the margold from there!
Look around in possible places marigold could grow.
Grab some random leaves from somewhere and go back to camp, who cares, the med cat can get some!
3. You try to get a piece of fresh-kill from the pile, but a senior warrior pushes you away and grabs the piece!
Jump on the warrior and start a fight.
Let him take it; I can get another.
Go over and ask him politely to give it back.
Yell " HE STOLE MY FRESH KILL!!" out loud.
4. Pick a color
5. You accidently step on a thorn and the medicine cat is out gathering herbs, what do you do?
Wait for the med. cat to come back; but the thorn will hurt alot.
Go look for the medicine cat and risk getting in trouble.
Go into the medicine cat den and try to get the right herbs; if you get the wrong ones, then UH OH!
Ask someone to pull it out, it would fell better; though it would start bleeding alot!

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