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Which clan are you from the Warrior cats  quiz. I don t know    you don t have to like warriors  just do the quiz and it will tell you about your personality Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which clan are you from the Warrior cats?
I don't know... you don't have to like warriors, just do the quiz and it will tell you about your personality.

1. Your friends would describe you as..?
Loyal, trust-worthy, brave
Mean, sneaky, a bit selfish
Kind, caring, quiet
Proud, confident, mysterious.
2. You see a cat drowning. What do you do?
Jump into the water and save it.
Watch it drown. It could be a great show!
Jump in, save it, check for breathing, preform CPR...(me: since when are cats CPR-certified?)
Stare at it for a while, then walk away as if nothing happened.
3. Your leader wants to launch an attack on another clan, but you know the attack is unjust. You...?
Go speak to the leader of the other clan, explain what`s going to happen.
Fight. You`re gonna get to show off your awesome fighting skills!
Talk to your leader fearfully, only to get one of your ears clawed off.
You know it`s wrong, but you say nothing and you fight.
4. Your clan is starving. While out hunting, you see some freshly killed prey, only a few paw-steps into another clan`s territory. You...?
Don`t take it because that`s trespassing!
Walk slowly over, proclaiming loudly that you`re about to take the prey, and wait to see who comes.
Want to take it, but you don`t because you couldn`t defend yourself if there was a battle over it.
Think about it, then take it quickly.
5. There is an invasion! You...?
Rush to protect the queens and elders.
Rush to be the first cat to take a swipe at the other clan.
Go hide in a bush till it`s over.
Fight, but stay near the back of the group.
6. If some random funny-looking cat wandered onto your territory, you would...?
Ask it what it`s doing.
Kill it and watch the seagulls eat the remains.
Offer it a place in your clan.
Laugh for a while about how weird he looks, then go confront it.
7. You would be best at...?
Medicine cat stuff! (me: o_0)
Everything! (me: you can`t pick that!) Why not? (me: i don`t know...)
8. Ok, I got insanely bored in the last two questions, so I`m gonna go listen to music...Peace!

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Created on:10/18/2009 4:25:20 PM
Made by:Rabbitears

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