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The Chronicles of Narnia
A quiz about the adventures of Narnia.

1. Who discovered Narnia first? Hint: it is in the first book
Lucy Pevensie
Uncle Andrew (a magician)
Tumnus the Faun
2. To the witch`s minions, what is she known as?
The Witch
The Queen of Narnia
3. After Peter was crowned king, what was he known as?
Peter the Magnificent
Peter the Just
Aslan`s Slave
Sir Peter
4. In what book did Aslan show up first?
The Last Battle
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
King Caspian
The Magician`s Nephew
5. Was Aslan killed at the Stone Table?
Yes, and he stayed dead
Yes, but he came back to life
No, he killed anybody who touched him
I don`t know... you got me!!
6. Why was Aslan killed at the Stone Table?
The Narnians didn`t like him
He wanted his spirit to join the others
He was taking Edmund`s place
He wanted to make the witch happy
7. True or False: Aslan said, "Once a king of Narnia... always a king of Narnia".
No clue
8. Finish the title: Voyage of the ____ _______.
Dawn Treader
Shadow Knight
Queen Mary
Bat Boy
9. True or False: The witch was in the Last Battle?
Not sure
10. "I have a pointy hat and curly shoes. I am a slave and a bad guy. Who am I?
The Witch`s Dwarf

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