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What kind of chocolate are you?
Yummmmmm!!! :P

1. Do you like chocolate? (wont affect outcome)
DUH!!! Who doesnt!!!
NO!!! Its disgusting!!!
2. How would your friends describe you?
Really normal and original. Im pretty much like everyone else.
Really sweet and sensitive. I listen to all their problems.
Really loud and funny. I can get really hyper!
Really unique. I would never want to fit in!
3. Where do you see yourself when you are older?
Working as a doctor or scientist. That is where my brains will get me!!!
Single, living in a small apartment, and partying almost every night!!!
Being a singer/actress or maybe even an artist. I am really creative.
Working in a boring office like everyone else. I dont know what else to do.
4. What is your hobby?
Basically everything. I especially love sports.
Drawing and painting. It is a great way to express myself.
Shopping, partying, and hanging with friends!!!
Reading. It is really fun and relaxing.
5. What do you like most about school?
The learning part! Isnt that what school is all about?
Socializing and being able to see my friends every day!!!
Lunch. I can finally get a break from all the schoolwork.
Everything. I love school in general.
Nothing!!! I hate school!!!
6. What is your fave type of chocolate?
Milk chocolate. Yum!
White chocolate. Its so sweet!
Chocolate with Nuts. The nuts give it something extra.
Dark chocolate. It is delicious!
I told you before!!! I hate chocolate!!!

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