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What type of cheese are you?
Find out what cheese you would be if you were cheese!

1. What do you do if a man walks up to your house and threatens you with a gun if you don`t give up the dog you`ve had for 10 years?
(a) Tell him your dog is not there and let him inspect the house. HIDE YOUR DOG!
(b) You are sad to give up your dog, but you know worse things have happened.
You attack the guy! You always carry a pocket knife with you!
You know what you have to do. You`ve been preparing for it all your life. (your choice what to do)
2. What is you favourite colour? (I`m from Canada, so don`t say i spelt favourite of colour wrong)
Dark blue
Bright red
Black or navy blue
Lime Green
Dark orange
Dark Dark Dark Green
Mid yellow
3. What is your favourite soda out of these?
(a) Dr. Pepper
(b) Sprite, 7 up, Mountain dew, etc.
(c) Coke
Root Beer
4. Are you a boy, or a girl?
5. You tell a really cheesy joke at school to your friends. Do your friends...
Laugh a bit
Laugh so much they get a stich
What`s the point of telling cheesy jokes?
No laughing at all :(
Giggle alot
6. Comment and rate?

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Created on:3/27/2011 3:11:04 PM
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