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What Kind of Cheerleader Are You?
how about takin the quiz

1. What do your coarches tell you?
"Will you just smile!"
"Ease up a bit. I think your performance was perfect."
"Worry about yourself."
"Stop talking!"
"Love your hair!"
2. What is your cheerleading philosophy?
Spirit+Smiles=A good performance!
Always check and never rush
Scare the other team by being AMAZING!
Spreading secrets help add to the scene
Um...I dont have one
3. What things do you worry about the most?
If my back hand spring is good enough
What if they found out the source of the commotion is me?
If anyone needs help
If my uniform is clean enough
4. What is your best feature in cheerleading?
5. Your coach tells you to work on your flexibility. So you...
Cometo the gym and work my butt off
Ignore them. Puh-lease I`ll be back here in a few days
Practice a little at home
Say,"I think you need to work on your diet more. My flexibility is just fine."
6. You are at a 2 day competiotn. The first day you are in first so you....
Say "Congrats" to your whole team
Throw an early win party
Clap excitedly and hope you stay in first
Work extra hard tommorow so you can keep that place
Review your counts over and over again
7. Ooh, tough break. The next day they announce you second so you...
Throw a fit telling the judge it was a miscount
Clap politely making a secret reminder to do better next time
Fake smile and try to cheer your team up
Say nothing. I guess second isnt that bad
8. Please rate and comment whether you think cheerleading is a sport or not. (it totally is, oh yeah doesnt affect score)

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Created on:6/1/2008 8:47:16 AM
Made by:24goddessgrl

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