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What chat slang would you use most?
Wut wud u say? omg, lol, you knoe the rest... (e)

1. Ok, you`re chattin with someone and you don`t know what to say... what DO you say?
A smiley face!! : )
brb, ok?
You don`t say anything...
You remember something from earlier that day & say: OMG guess what!!
wtf, I can`t think of anything to say!!
2. Someone you`re chattin with tells you a joke, but you don`t really get it... what do you say?
"lol!!" Yeaaa... let`s pretend I have an idea of what that meant!!
"omg..." It wasn`t very funny.. (But you then tell them that is was funny to be somewhat nice..)
"wtf?" Yea... you probably didn`t like it.. or found it offensive or somethin...
"brb" You weren`t even paying a bit of attention with your favorite song on!!
3. & Lastly... are you a girl or a guy?
Im a girl..
Im a guy..
4. Haha, jokin!! That ain`t the last question...
wtf... stupid...
oh, huh? you say something?
omg you tricked me!!
haha!! lol!!
5. Do you get bored often?
(gasp) ALWAYS!! (sigh)
Haha, yea!!
Who isn`t?
Not really... OOHH hang on a sec..

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