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Are you charming?
Take this quiz and find out!

1. If you see someone at a party you`re interested in, you...
Walk by them and say hello
Look their way briefly, and hope that they`ll talk to you.
Approach them and introduce yourself.
2. Is it hard for you to look someone in the eyes?
Yes, you don`t make a lot of eye contact.
Not at all. It`s very comfortable for you.
A little bit, but you make eye contact a fair amount anyway.
3. When you`re talking one on one with someone, you tend to...
Tell them your life story.
Stop yourself when you`re talking too much.
Figure out what you have in common to try to make a connection.
4. If you haven`t heard from a friend who was supposed to call you, you...
Call them up and ask what`s wrong.
Let it go. If they can`t find the time to call you, then that`s their problem.
Give them a friendly call to say hi... with no mention that they were supposed to call you.
5. When it comes to strangers, how trusting are you?
You are somewhat wary of people who seem weird.
You give people the benefit of the doubt.
You only trust people who are very similar to you.
6. If someone purposely insults you, you...
Give them a sarcastic comeback.
Really let them have it.
Smile and walk away.
7. 7.How much do you monitor your own nonverbal communication (like your facial expressions, tone of voice, etc)?
You often catch yourself making faces or having a tone of voice that you don`t like.
You try to act happy and upbeat, even when you aren`t.
You don`t pay much attention to that sort of thing.

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Created on:7/1/2009 11:42:59 AM
Made by:GothicKiss17

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