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Characters of warrior cats
Find out which of the warrior cats that I made up you are most similar to. Comment, like, and enjoy!

1. What clan would you like to be in?
2. What fresh kill do you prefer? (If u were a cat)
Squirrel, mouse
Rabbit, mouse
Fish, vole
Lizard, birds
3. What kind of shelter is best?
Tree den
Underground den
Under the pines
Twoleg home
4. Your clan is being attacked by rouges, what do you do?
Fend them off! The can never take a step into MY territory!
Tend to wounded cats, and help attack
Dodge incoming attacks, do a lot of jumps and scratching.
Pin the nearest rouge down
Stay in my den- I`m too young to die!
Stay back and watch. It looks funny
5. A cat from another clan trespasses to give a message.
What!? I ought a claw him!!
Calmly tell him to leave
Take him to my leader
6. Your best friend is friends with a cat from another clan, only YOU know. What do you do?
Beat him up and tell him to get a life
Tell him to not visit his friend anymore
Tell him that his secret is safe with you
Tell the leader immidiatley
7. What fur color and eye color is your favorite?
Ginger with brown eyes
Brown with green eyes
Silver with blue eyes
Black with amber eyes
White with deep blue eyes
Tortoiseshell with hazel eyes

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Created on:2/3/2016 10:11:37 PM
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