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What characteristic of a storm are you  quiz. This is another one of my role playing quizzes  I hope you like it  And if you do like this one  take my other role playing quizzes Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What characteristic of a storm are you?
This is another one of my role-playing quizzes. I hope you like it! And if you do like this one, take my other role-playing quizzes!

1. It is a nice summer day. You and your best friend are walking together in a large forest, and everything seems to be just fine. The only problem is that it is very hot. How do you cool off?
Groan and complain so much that I forget why I was groaning and complaining.
Sit by the creek, dipping my feet and face into the cold fresh water.
Take a large leaf from a tree and use it to fan myself.
Climb a tree to the very top, and then jump off. I’ll be in so much pain that I won’t care if it’s h
I wouldn`t do anything. I LOVE IT HOT!!!!!!!
2. After you cool off, you continue walking through the forest with your pal. You guys get so involved it your conversation that you find that you’re lost! You react by…
.... laughing, but nervously.
.... running around screaming, "I`M GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
... sitting under a rock and cry until I have no more tears to cry out.
Not caring. Who cares if I`m lost??
Calling someone with my cell phone. I ALWAYS have my cell.
3. You turn to face your friend, to ask what to do. Surprisingly s/he isn’t there! Looking around frantically throughout the forest for your friend, and not finding her/him anywhere, you begin getting scared. Right?
Yeah I get scared SO easily!!!
Well, yes, but I`m not scared SUPER easily.
Probably, I don`t know.
Probably not. I rarely get scared but I do sometimes.
NO WAY!!! I NEVER get scared!!!
4. Now you are in a huge forest, lost AND alone. In the distance you see something strange, but the heat could be messing up your mind and you decide that you are just imagining it. Yet “the thing” is still there! What does “the thing” look like?
A shadowy human figure.
A purple skull.
A huge pile of mist.
An angel with wings.
Sadness. I can`t explain it. I see sadness!
5. You suddenly turn around because you heard a twig snap behind you. But no one is there, so you turn back around to where you saw the shape. But it isn’t there! What else strange is happening?
An eagle is flying through the forest, hesitating once in a while to stare at me.
A butterfly with colorful wings circle around me.
I continue hearing weird twig snaps and other mysterious noises around me.
Wherever I turn, I see sparks and swirls and weird things!
The creek is sparkling with rainbow colors.
6. Then the sky gets very dark, as if a storm is going to happen. A voice out of no where says, “Rate and comment…,” but it fades after that. You feel…
I don`t know!

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