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which character are u form my book
if u have a title please help

1. your hearing voices. the voice says "have u seen my head? i seem to have lost it." a boney cat head apears in ur hands what do u do?
scream drop it
stand there
why hello father ist right here
in the head so i cant do much to my self
ummm... ive seen u before...
2. your sister is kidnaped by random pirate zombies what do u do?!?!?!
i have a sister?
no bitch thats mine!
*goes after her on ship*
3. male or female?
*looks down pants* male
*looks down shirt* i have boobies... what does that mean?
4. fav color?
none (or other)
red (or any shade of red)
5. you have a dream. the dream is about u and ur kidnapped sister. basically u hear some guy yell man overboard u go to see what the comotion and u look out among the water. u see your sister. what do u do?
atempt to jump in. its all in my instincts
sister? what sister? im an only child!
wait. let them do the work
6. in the dream u walk up to her bend over her and your sister wakes up. she has a mental breakdown and kills u. u wake up and tell the one person in the room what do u plan so u dont die?
think of ways to avoid finding her
use all things around u to avoid her killing u
use the cheshire`s son to morf into u when it happens
7. you are being stalked by a guy what do u do to him? If u are a guy what would u do if it was ur girl?
when he comes into ur room get confused and flash him thatll make him run
kill him! NO ONE dratS WITH MY GIRL!
through him over board. its funny
she can take care of herself thats why i love her. but when he dies im going to make him my slave
kill him... with a smile
scare the poo out of him
*sharpens razor* we all desirve to die. even u miss lovett even i.
say hi to him
8. u see someone. this person narrorates u constantly what do u do?
what narrator? *is covered in blood*
we are the narrator
i am slowly going crazy 123456switch crazy going slowly am i 654321switch
9. you have another dream.all u see is fog u walk yelling hello.i see a sign it reads "this way to the dark castle.if thy dares" u fallow the sign u see some shape as u get closer u notice that it is a women and a man w/ a weird shape at her feet. do u?
KILL runs after
at feet of women
is the women
is the man
ignore the dream itll go away
dont ignore it write it down. dont tell anyone
10. the rest of this story is unwritten. ill edit it when im done. thank u for ur time!
no problem
11. please! if u have any idea on what i should name this story please tell me!
drat... you...
no bitch

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