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What character out of The Sight are you?
Take the quiz, and you'll find out. XD (e)

1. Have you read the book The Sight?
Yes! Tis the best book EVER!
Yeah, twas alright.
No. (me: XP)
Yes, but I hated it. (me: then why are you taking this quiz, dum dum?)
2. One of your friends is in terrible peril! What are you going to do?
Leave them. Friends mean nothing to me. Tis power that matters.
Help them, of course!
Do all that I can, even if I know that I can`t help.
Freak out and run away!
3. You are going to be forced to fight to the death with someone you love. What do you do?
Kill them, of course.
Let them kill me!
Try and compromise with the person forcing us to fight.
4. You find out that your destiny is to die a hero. What do you do?
Just go with it. Destiny cannot be changed.
Stop being so heroic!
Flee! Destiny is stupid! *sobs*
5. You are standing on a cliff, face to face with your arch nemesis, about to fight to the death. What do you do?
Fight my best, and hope for a good outcome.
Toss them over the cliff!
Kill them. Duh.

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Created on:1/30/2008 10:42:24 AM
Made by:Erca

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