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Which character are you mostly like out of merlin  quiz. find out if you are Lady Morgana  King Uther Pendragon  Prince Arthur Pendragon  Gwen  Or Merlin Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which character are you mostly like out of merlin?
find out if you are Lady Morgana, King Uther Pendragon, Prince Arthur Pendragon, Gwen, Or Merlin

1. What do you do for a living?
Save the Kingdom Unknown
Plot Revenge to destroy the Kingdom
Clean for The Lady
Protect the Kingdom
Practice to fight for when you take the Throne
A Lady and you help people at times
2. what are you known for?
Protecting the land
your Beautality
your fighting skills and good looks
Magic, but only to Giaus and Lancelot
Cleaning for The Lady
your Evilness
3. what is your most Noticed Quote?
"Please Merlin you must Beware, this is only the beginning.
"Your child Like tricks are Useless against me, I Am a Priestess of the Old Religion"
"Theres Something about You Merlin, but i just cant put my finger on it"
"Just done...be...a prat..."
"Hes Dead?"
"Take care Child or i`ll have you restrained"
4. done any bad deeds in your life?
I Killed a Unicorn once, but never again.
I Act Before i think.
Not really, all i do is Serve the king
plotted to kill the king but in the end i saved him
Only by using magic in the kingdom
Trying to Destroy Camelot
5. Who would you go for advice?
Giaus, because he has served me well, heals my people and also a good friend
No one, i keep it within myself to figure out.
The dragon, as he knows my destiny and gives me riddles for me to figure out.
**laughs** i dont need advice from anyone but myself!
Merlin, i trust him with my heart, and he has helped me in the past
Giaus, as he has helped me since i was just a child.
6. what colour hair to you have?
brown, always up and curley
dark brown and short
black, with grey hairs and very short
blonde, not short but not long
long, down most of the time, dark brown and wavy
quite long, brown, straight and curley
7. what is Special about you?
that i am very powerful high up in the sorcerer chart and evil
my destiny that awaits, and my powerful magic
that i could be a sorcerer and your kindness towards gwen
i really dont know whats special to me yet.
that i am a king and has been for a long time
my fighting abilities
8. Are you Evil or Good?
Good, but i dont allow magic in my kingdom
Good, but i am irrigant
Good, only once was i evil
i really dont know, most probably good.

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