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What character are you in mlp
See who you are in mlp

1. What would you do if you saw an animal hurt?
Help it
Carry it to your friends
2. Your friend is stuck and a dragon is about to attack you and your friend what do you do?
Attack with powerful magic
Cower in fear
Use your speed to attack it
Get out your party canon and fire at the dragon
Be dramatic
Buck the dragon
3. Pinkie has turned into Pinkamina what do you do?
Try to confront her
Make here have some fun!
Calm here down
Let her stay that way
Be over dramatic
4. All the villains are attacking! What do you do? (Happens before the elements are returned)
Use the elements
Use the awesome party cannon
5. Vampire fruit bats are attacking the orchard again! What do you do?
Use a spell
Attack the bats
Try to talk nicely to them
Where a suit and attack them with spells
Use the party cannon
6. Everyone is depressed except Pinkie Pie! What should you do?
Cheer them up
Stay depressed

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Created on:2/3/2014 9:37:39 AM
Made by:DeathKirby

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