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Which character from The Red Storm are you  quiz. The Red Storm is a romantic sci fi novel that has received rave reviews and landed Zinnia Hope her newest literary agent  Full of mystery  intrigue  unique imagination and sensual romance  this story has a plethora of rich characters  Which one are you    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which character from The Red Storm are you?
The Red Storm is a romantic sci-fi novel that has received rave reviews and landed Zinnia Hope her newest literary agent. Full of mystery, intrigue, unique imagination and sensual romance, this story has a plethora of rich characters. Which one are you? (e)

1. When given a direct order do you...?
Smart-mouth your higher in command
Say `right away` and do the best job possible.
Jump overboard
Whine, whine, whine...
Sweet-talk someone else into do your job.
2. One of Sister Earth`s horrific electrical storms is advancing on the ship. What do you do?
Sob like a baby.
Scream orders to secure the ship.
Hide under your bunk and whimper.
Put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye.
Secure everything possible and anchor yourself to something solid to ride out the storm.
Storm? What storm? I was with the presidential cabinet partying all night.
3. A school of Delphs, huge creatures that attack ships, has been sighted port side. What do you do?
Beg for mercy.
Jump over board. Those things will eat everyone anyway.
Shoot those suckers with the biggest sci-fi weapon I can find.
Oops, sorry, I didn`t mean to blast the control tower! My bad!
Delphs? Do we have ketchup?
Give me the lazer! I`m tired of playing around. ZAP!
4. You`re attracted to the dark, handsome, mysterious Wesley OR the plantinum, ethereal beauty, Jordanne. How do you let him/her know how you feel?
Jump his/her bones!
Play hard to get.
Invite him/her to my quarters and let nature take its course.
I have a headache.
Give him/her a nice gift.
Wham, bam, thank you ma`am, and see you later!
5. You`re given the choice of staying on Sister Earth where the governments are jerks or can go to a new world where life is better. Which do you choose?
Get me the H.E. double hockey sticks out of here!
I`ll stay in hopes that I can make Sister Earth a better place.
Do I have to choose?
I`ll think about it.
Are you kidding? I want to control Sister Earth`s government!
Eh, let the Delphs eat everyone!
6. Was Jordanne`s grandmother, Arianna, really murdered?
Hell, yes!
What are you? Nuts? Who would want to kill Arianna?
I want my mommy! The killer`s after me!
I suspect everyone!!!
I don`t know, but I think I need to do more detective work.
So it was you!!!

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