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What character from my new book, NightMare Relm, are you? #2
sum new characters tat came in l8er in da story =3

1. boy or girl?
female/monsta thingy
im a boy
imma girly bunny!!!!
im a girl!!!! but why da hell does it matter?! Ur such a stalker!! (ME:) *well then!! >=o*
2. wats 1 word tat describes u?
creepy..heh heh heh >:D
cool (meaning cold to other pplz)
sneaky.....hehe!!! =:3 <----its a bunny!!
3. wats ur fav color?
neon green
black,grey,dark purple (ME:) *whay does 1 person in almost every1 of my quizzez puts lik 3 answerz?!
4. wats ur fav food?
pplz FEAR!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!! of u wantd real food..ok then....steak!!!
TACOZ!!! KANDIZ!!!!!! BLAHZ!!!! =:3 <----- ANOTHER BUNNY!!!!!
5. if u found a million dollorz on da ground, wat would u do?
send it to a charity or sumthin...i dont need tat kind of money
spend it on stuff to help me acheive my ambition!!!
probably spend it on a toyz...for lik homeless hobo childz....
pic it up and hide it in my pocket and if sum1 asks if i had seen it id just say no and push them
i would spend it on stuff I want =:3
take it and see who it belongz to..then wen i find da person, kill them!!!! >=D
6. wat would u do if ur friend was dying? (from lik a shot to the head or sumthin...u kno wat? im gunna put the gun pic up so i dont hav to go lookin for a damn pic!!!!!)
i would try to help...but fail..miserbly =(
y should i care?!
i would try to save them and work 2 da best of my abilitiez
i would save them...then push them in the mud 4 sum odd reason (ME:) * Y?!?!*
i would try to save them, but in the middle of doin it i get distracted by sumthin and they die =:3
i dont hav friendz to care about and if i did i wouldnt care!! theyre useless to me!!!! (ME:) *wow*
7. r u sur ur plastic?
da hell wit u!!! and ur randomness 2!! (ME:) *im not random, i just think faster than everbody else*
palstic?! wtf?!
nope....or am i???? hmm??
yes!!!! yes i am!!!!!
go to hell...(ME:) *im already there.....sadly*
8. wat do u think of the name emily? (my name iz emily, but i dont care wat u think i just want 2 kno da truth ok?)
its ok....no offense tho (ME:) *none taken, personally i dont rlly lik it either*
emily means rival...sooo then u must b my rival!!! DIE!!!!
yeah its nice, but since im a guy, i wouldnt have it as a name...
i agree wit option 3.......
its sooooo sweeeeeet!! i <3 it!!! =:3
blah....there r bettr names.....
9. do u lik anime? (pic is of beyond birthday *L`z twin* from death note: another note La BB murder case oh and tats not blood its strawberry jam)
sorta and the guys cool
not in the very least!!
yea...its ok
yes...it all depends on wat anime series it is tho.....
YES!!! HELL YES!!!! YES!!!!
wats anime?
10. ok...i ran outta questions so, comment and rate?
rate...possibly..heh heh heh >=D
not a member
wats comment and rate?
both =:3 <----- final BUNNY WUNNY!!!!!!
idk.....im not sur and wats wit da pic (ME:) *idk...i found it in my crapload of pics so i put it on

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Created on:2/9/2010 9:51:33 PM
Made by:SilentTounge

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