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What character from The Matrix are you?
My fourth quiz, what character from the Matrix are you?

1. If you were going to save your lover from falling to thier death, how would you do it?
Whle they are falling, fly underneath them and catch them
Jump off the same building they fell off, catch your lover and deploy a parachute.
shoot them
Drive where they are about to hit the ground, open the skylight on your car and let them fall in.
Rappel down the building and hoefull make it to them
Fly your ship over to tem and catch them.
2. Are you good or evil?
3. Are you a boy or girl?
4. What is your weapon of choice?
Desert eagle
9mm auto pistol
Sig P228
9000 pistol
5. Are you a good pilot?
Hell yeah!
6. How would you kill two of your enemies
Fly inside them and destroy them from the inside.
shoot them
shoot the gas tank of their car with them in the car
Bust their heads
Run them over with my ship!!
kick them, then shoot them.
7. Would you kill yourself so that you could kill your arch rival?
hell no!
8. Would you kill your rival if you had the chance?
Hell yeah
I dont have any

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Created on:2/10/2008 9:10:18 AM
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