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Which character from  quot Inkheart quot   quot Inkspell quot  are you  quiz. Inkheart and Inkspell are two of my favorite books  Inkspell is Inkheart s sequel   There s magic and adventure and danger and they re awesome books  Which character are you    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which character from "Inkheart"/"Inkspell" are you?
Inkheart and Inkspell are two of my favorite books (Inkspell is Inkheart's sequel). There's magic and adventure and danger and they're awesome books. Which character are you? (e)

1. Okay. First of all are you a boy or a girl?
Do I have to pick?
2. Are you afraid of fire?
If there`s a fire burning in the fire place then I`m fine but if it comes near me I`ll be afraid.
Ha! Me, fear fire? I speak to fire, it obeys me. I don`t fear it at all.
3. Do you believe in luck?
Of course! I always a good luck charm around my neck to keep my luck good!
Luck doesn`t exist... It`s just something people thought of to explain things.
I`m not like obsessed with it but yeah I guess I believe.
4. Do you like books/ reading?
1 zillion percent!!! Of course I love books and reading! I can`t get enough of words!!!
I hate to read! Get that book away from me!!!
I don`t know how to read (I don`t really know how you`re taking this quiz then, but okay)
Reading`s okay. I`m not really that fast of a reader but it can be enjoyable.
5. Are you stealthy?
I guess... maybe... I mean I can sort of sneak around but I`m not like a ninja.
CLASH! CLATTER! BANG!! Oops! Sorry! Me, stealthy? Yeah right!
I`m extremely stealthy! I can be silent and pick locks and disappear into the night!
6. Do you think you`re more good or evil?
What kind of a stupid question is that?
Evil, definitely! You better stay out of my way!!!
I think I`m more good. I mean, nobody`s perfect, but I would say I`m more good than bad.
I don`t really know. I think I`m somewhere in the middle, maybe...
7. Do you have a job with books?
Umm... no...
Not at the moment but I think it would be pretty enjoyable to write books or bind them or something.
My job has nothing to do with books (if you have a job) and I don`t want it to/ I don`t like books.
Yeah it does (if you have a job) but I find it boring/ unenjoyable.
8. How much would you pay for the right book?
I would give my soul!
I don`t know... I guess it depends what the book is...
Not a cent/ a very little amount.
9. Do you always have something to write with with you?
Of course! You never know when you`ll need to write something down!
I can`t really write, so no.
Nah. I like to read but I don`t really carry something to write with around.
Nah. I just don`t really feel like I need to.

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