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Which Character From Days After Impact Are You?
Find who you are in Day of Impact.

1. If you were in a zombie style apocalypse situation, what unique trait would you bring to your group?
Skill at surviving in the wild.
I would help bring the group together, resolve conflicts.
I would be a valued warrior/defender.
I would bring absolute order and keep the group organized.
I would be willing to do whatever it is I am needed to do for the group, without thought for myself.
I don`t think I would need to bring something, I could just sit back and watch the suckers work.
As an ex. nurse I could bring medical experience.
I could probably fill in as a mechanic among other things.
I am an excellent cook. I could raise the moral by keeping the group well fed.
2. If anything, what would you detract from the team?
I am not always thinking in the best interests of the group. I take care of my own goals too.
I don`t have any combat experience whatsoever, I might slow down the group in a combat.
As a big man I require lots of food.
I might be so stubbornly trying to lead the group that I fail to recognize other peoples ideas.
Although I may have a truly brilliant idea, my own shyness might prevent me from speaking up.
I am sometimes selfish, and my loud, dissrespectful mouth could aggravate the colony members.
Myself and my children are a package deal. Children tend to get into trouble.
Some people may be unnerved by my constant, silent, watching.
I am not terribly physically fit.
3. What would you value most in a zombie apocalypse scenario?
Your combat boots.
My mothers watch, the last thing I have from my recent deceased mother.
4. Are you a leader, or a follower?
Leader, for sure.
5. Do you like kids?
I love children.
I can`t stand `em.
6. When fighting which suits you better?
Strength and power.
Grace and precision.
7. You`re driving in a truck with a mounted weapon. Which spot would you choose?
In the back, with the mounted weapon.
In the passenger seat, leaning out the window with a pistol.
8. Which is more important in a zombie apocalypse?
A good stock of weapons.
A large supply of food and water.
9. When an enemy threatens you and a loved one how do you react? (Please be as honest as possible.)
Run for your life, choosing yourself above them.
Try your best to defend yourself and your loved one, even though you have no combat skill whatsoever
Sacrifice yourself for your loved one.
10. How do you react to pressure?
I usually overstress and end up messing something up.
I respond well with pressure, it helps motivate me.
11. In a zombie apocalpyse situation what would you do?
Isolate myself from anyone who could betray me.
Group up with others.
12. If, (during a zombie apocalypse of course, xD) you were trapped in a building surrounded by dangerous infected, which course of action would you pursue first?
I would focus on making a plan for escaing, temporarily abandoning all else.
I would try and make sure that everyone remained calm, and happy, while managing food/water supplies
13. If you were with a group with a seriously failing morale, how would you help cheer them up?
I would talk to them, try and get them to lighten up.
I would assure them all that I could keep them safe. My combat prowess, and physical build helps...
14. If you and your group was chased into a dead end by countless dangerous infected, what would you do?
Charge into the middle of them holding a grenade.
Just do your best to hold them off.
15. In a zombie apocalypse situation what would you do?
I would form my own `colony` which I would rigorously control.
Just try and join a pre-existing group.
16. Which word describes you best?
17. If you were trying to hide from a large group of infected `zombies` and then you were given away by an annoying nine year olf boy, how would you react?
I would scream and curse at the kid, until he learned his lesson.
I would instantly forgive the child, and explain to him what he did wrong.
18. One of your group members has been infected with the mutating I-Virus, how do you respond?
Patch him up, knowing that he will become infected regardless.
Shoot him.
Amputate the limb.
Leave him behind.
19. What would be your eventuall downfall?
When I run out of cigarettes I think I would crack.
20. What would most likely drive you insane?
The lack of food.
The futility of life during a zombie apocalpyse.
My other group memebers.

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