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What character are you from celebrity apprentice?
who are you?

1. how do you act?
you laugh at anything
you have to have it your way
you like to be lazy
you are nice but can be mean
you are b.itchy
you are a straight up son of a b.itch
2. what do u wear?
ed hardy hat
revealing shirts
cowboy hat
old people clothes
turtle necks
whatever u can find
3. What do you say?
i won championships
my friends are poor
i appreciate it mr trump
i was tired
mr trump i love u
i shouldnt get fired
i think she should get fired
4. what do you do on the job?
scream HELLO NEW YORK while drunk
watch everybody argue without sayin a word
laugh with some cute guys
tell everybody that im doing the decisions
lay around
tell people to do there job
yell at people
5. finally, how do u treat ur fellow workers?
like @ssholes
make stupd jokes with people
you pretend there is nobody there
you dont talk to anybody
you encourage your workers to get involved
you b.itch intil they do something right
you b.itch at them and just sit there

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Created on:4/14/2009 1:02:15 PM
Made by:dbackfan24

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